Tuesday, August 21, 2012

● 2012 West Coast College Training

"The Course of the Church" brought me to dive into the book of Revelation, especially chapters 2 and 3. "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches." The seven epistles to the seven churches are for all the churches and for our benefit. By studying the history of the church, we learn what God desires, what offended God and the fate of the church. God wants something of life and the church should not be divided. He loves the church in Philadelphia. When we turn to the Lord, we set Him in motion to move and saturate us within. He is working Himself into us little by little according to our cooperation and our openness to Him. In the church life, because we love the Lord, we spontaneously love one another, love the Word of God and exercise the little power. 

                I was very touched that we cannot be so confident to say that we are the church in Philadelphia. We are a group of people endeavoring to live out Philadelphia. However, it does not take much to become degraded, the church in Laodicea. In Rev. 3:14-22, we see four points on how not to be Laodicea. First, we must fight against lukewarmness; we must be boiling, burning in spirit! Since the church in Laodicea was degraded because they became proud of their truths, the second point is that we must be humble and poor in spirit. Moreover, the Lord charged us to pay the price, to buy gold, white garments, and eyesalve. We must give up something to gain Christ, a living that express Christ and open eyes to really see. Lastly, we must open the door when the Lord knocks on our heart. Let Christ come in and settle down to dine with us. Therefore, we must live a normal, overcoming life to be Philadelphia to bring the Lord back!
                                                                                                                                                                                         -Jessica C.

                We need to exercise our spirit unto godliness. 1 Timothy 4:8 says: "For bodily exercise is profitable for a little, but godliness is profitable for all things, having promise of the present life and of that which is to come." Godliness is a Christian life, a godly life that expresses God as the issue of His dispensing. This godly life needs our exercise. To exercise our spirit we need to make an effort; we need to push ourselves so that we may make progress, and eventually to reach a goal. So when we exercise our spirit unto godliness we gain all things that are profitable of the present life and of the coming life.
                                                                                                                                                                                           - Claire L.

                I enjoyed that we need to be the church in Philadelphia and that we need to have God first in everything that we do  in our own time. We must make God our first love. There are 7 local Church's: Ephesus, Pergamos, Smyrna, Thytaria, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea. The Lord loves Philadelphia. Philadelphia is precious to the lord. The spirit was poured out. 

                We need to preach the gospel on the campuses so that they may know the truth of God’s work on the earth and we must gain new ones. We must make time for the Lord so that we do not leave the church life. We must have a companion so we may read the bible together or have morning revival together. Pray for a companion so that in the next year or month you may have a companion. It’s not the serving ones time to preach, it’s the college and the young ones. They are the next generation of serving ones. We must not wait, we must preach so when the lord comes back, you will be accountable before the Lord. This is very important in our daily living. We must pray, read the word, and pray read. This is our daily food. We must bear fruit in the vine to gain new ones to be in the church life. Brothers and sisters preach the gospel and bear fruit so that they may know the truth and the word of God. Praise the lord!
                                                                                                                                                                                             - Patrick P.

                After going to the college training, I realized how important prayer is. When the speaking brother was explaining to us how the Lord's recovery began, he pointed out that it started with prayer and not by the outward doings of man. This was demonstrated through M. E. Barbara, she was led by the Lord to China and there she stayed, praying for China. She prayed for 10-12 years, day and night, praying that China would rise up. God answered her prayers and raised up Watchman Nee. I really appreciated that we need to be under the head. We shouldn't be ambitious and go ahead of the Lord's move. After all, it is God's move on earth not ours. We need to go before Him and see His vision and pray according to His desire, so that the glory is to God and not to ourselves. Praise the Lord for HIS move on earth!
                                                                                                                                                                                             - Anwin C.

Friday, November 11, 2011

● College age's brothers and sisters at camp Jublee

The 2011 Lower Mainland College Retreat  from September 23 - 25, 2011, at Camp Jubilee on Indian Arm. There were a total of 102 college saints registered to attend, among whom were 15 college saints and 2 college serving ones from Richmond. Some student's enjoyment from the retreat at camp Jubilee along with some pictures and fellowships. 

“God's intention in His economy is that the all-inclusive Christ be everything to us and we need to be infused, saturated and permeated with this all-inclusive Christ until in our experience He is everything to us!” - A.X. 

"Praise the Lord that Christ is ready for us to take as our portion! We need to claim this inheritance that has already been allotted to us. There are 4 things we need to do in order to have Christ as our portion: read the Word in a scheduled and daily way, confess our sins thoroughly, speak for and forth Christ, and gather with the brothers and sisters. Let us not be defrauded of this wonderful prize, this bountiful inheritance -- Christ is our allotted portion, we need to take Him!" – A.S. 

“There is a Rock following us wherever we are! We just need to turn to Him and take a drink from this living water! Christ is the waterbrooks, springs, and fountains! He can water us in our every situation. O Lord Jesus!” - Y.J.C. 

"Christ is our real water and salvation. Whenever we want to complain, that means we are thirsty. We need to drink Christ by calling 'O Lord Jesus!' As we are satisfied by drinking Christ, we will be spontaneously saved from all negative things around us. Praise the Lord for such a Christ! Let's take Him, experience Him, possess Him and enjoy Him!" – G.H.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

● Brothers’ house corporate God-man living pre-training report

Since coming back from New Jersey in the spirit of revival we entered into the brothers’ house corporate God-man living pre-training from Aug 11 to 13 for 3 days.  This is the continuation of the fire of consecration since New Jersey for some local young brothers.  

For three days and two nights, eight brothers came together for corporate living. Six of them stayed the whole time, living and having meals, night prayer, and morning revival together.  Two other brothers did not move in, but participated during the day in cleaning and exercise together. 

In the morning, personal revival was followed by corporate morning revival.  For lunch and dinner the brothers practiced preparing food and cleaning up after meals. Every corporate activity was full of enjoyment.  One brother testified, “Corporate living is so enjoyable.  It caused me to treasure every brother.”  Another brother said, “Corporate God-man living caused me to not only know a meeting brother but a cooking, cleaning, and dwelling brother.  It is the church life.”

During the three-day gathering, two responsible brothers came to strengthen and encourage us. Four young working saints helped in practical matters and four parents helped in preparing meals.  Everyone enjoyed in spirit the sweet corporate God-man living.  

Day 1— Overflow of the riches from the New Jersey training

The main purpose is to let the young brothers overflow in sharing from the riches they had gained.  They shared what they had seen and heard and what touched them.  Other young brothers were encouraged by the sharing and one by one, they simply consecrated themselves to the Lord.  When asked about why he wanted to consecrate, a brother who was about to move into the brothers’ house replied assertively and clearly, “Because everything we have belongs to the Lord.  Consecration is right!”

After the meeting, when the brothers were in their rooms, they continued the flow of consecration and had a most unforgettable time of prayer.  They knelt down and poured out their heart before the Lord together with their companions, laying a good foundation for the future direction of the corporate brothers’ house living. 


Day 2-The vision and practice of the corporate God-man

Personal morning revival started at 7:00 a.m., followed by corporate morning revival at 7:30.  Everyone enjoyed the living and active Lord.  After breakfast, we came to the main point of our pursuing, that is, the practical study of the corporate God-man living and vision.   In the morning we first pursued the part regarding vision.  One word that touched us most was “churching,” coined in the Lord’s recovery.   It described how the structure of our Christian life is the church life. The church life is 90 percent of our lives.   When the saints are living together they experience the practical reality of the church life. One brother shared, “Originally, it is very enjoyable to be in the meetings, but once you return home the heat decreases.  But this time I feel time is too short, there is too much I want to share and pray to the Lord.”

After dinner, we came to the practice and practical experience of the Corporate God-man living in the home.  The main emphasis: 1. The period of corporate living is to be covered by agreement and commitment to fulfill all requirements. 2. The participants are to be guided by proper exercise and attitude in spiritual life and personal character.   Then the brothers brought out agreement forms and shared the content of the covenant with one another.   They also encouraged two brothers who came to the pre-training but could not stay at the brothers house to commit themselves in having corporate morning revival, night prayer, pursuing and vital group.   


Day 3— Gospel and vital group life 

“We have to grasp the opportunity to gain new students when they are most receptive to the gospel.”  Thank the Lord, the incoming college freshmen are most blessed to receive such a word at the beginning of the new semester. The brothers who came in the morning were from 5 locations:  UBC, Capilano, VCC, Kwantlen, Adult School, and Richmond High.  Every brother proclaimed before the Lord that they would be the gospel seed on the campus to preach the gospel and bring people to salvation.

After cleaning in the afternoon, the brothers entered into the burden of the vital groups. They planned to form vital groups to work together on the campus.  Eventually, two vital groups were formed and one reminding person was produced.   (M. H.)